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What are the benefits of Natural Stone? 

Natural stone will not fade or wear over time. In fact it looks better with age. It carries its own unique characteristics and no two stones are exactly alike because it is not made from a mold. It can be shaped, trimmed and chiseled to take on any specifications without losing any coloration or effect. The vibrancy and life of natural stone cannot be captured by any painted product. It can be pressure washed without consequence, whereas cultured products can be damaged over time. 

What is manufactured stone?

Manufactured stone is concrete poured into a mold, then colored to look like real stone. It was introduced decades ago as an alternative to the heavier natural four-inch thick building stone, prior to the introduction of the sawn natural thin stone veneer. The unique feature of the concrete mix used in making manufactured stone comes from the use of lightweight aggregates. These unique lightweight aggregates are used in place of the rocks you would see in a concrete mix that is used for driveways, sidewalks, or structural applications.

What are the benefits of manufactured stone?

On average, manufactured stone is less expensive, roughly 25% less the cost of natural stone. Its lightweight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings, and it has a lower waste factor than natural stone. The weight savings created by these aggregates causes manufactured stone to be much lighter than a traditional natural stone or full brick. The lightweight and flat back nature of manufactured stone allows for an installation process similar to that of stucco and eliminates the need for extra foundations, ledges, wall ties or lintels.

Natural Stone Veneer vs Full Bed

Natural stone veneer is natural building stone sawed to a depth range of 0.75"-1.25". It is sometimes referred to as thin veneer or thincut stone. Full bed natural stone ranges between 3"-6" deep. They will look the same once installed. 

               Natural Veneer Corner                                 Natural Stone Veneer Flat                      Natural Full Bed Depth

               Natural Veneer Corner                                 Natural Stone Veneer Flat                      Natural Full Bed Depth


Weathering and maintenance

Both natural stone products and manufactured stone products will experience weathering during their lifespan. In manufactured stone products, base colour is blended throughout the entire product, and colour overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the casting process. This creates a consistent colour throughout the veneer. However, when pressure washing, the integrity of manufactured stone is more fragile than natural stone, so be diligent! 


Efflorescence is a common and natural phenomenon in the concrete industry. Efflorescence is defined by the migration of mineral salts, causing a white residue, on the surface of pavers, walls and masonry products. It's a natural and normal phenomenon that will fade or disappear with time. In many cases, the efflorescence disappears within a year after the cement-based product has been installed. However, in some cases, it can take up to 3 years for the salt minerals to completely disappear. It can be treated with special cleaners. 



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